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is shooting film making me a better digital photographer?

I took my mirrorless digital camera out for the first time in a while today.


adding images to this blog with sanity and next/image

i wanted to add some images to my most recent post, but figuring out inline images in Sanity's Portable Text and how to make it work with Next.js's next/image wasn't as easily google-able as i thought!


that I can just look at my iPad in near darkness and it unlocks is some real magic, eh

What happened when people planted mystery seeds they got in the post ->

"About a month ago, I did receive seeds from China. I guess China because it looks like Chinese writing. I thought, 'Oh cool, maybe Burgess seeds or one of the seed companies sent me some seeds.' And, umm, like a dumbass, I planted them, not knowing there was a problem," a woman in New Mexico said in a voicemail left with the state's department of agriculture in late July. "And now, I've been battling this for a couple weeks. Now, where I planted them, and I remember where I planted them, everything that's in the garden where I planted them are having a hard time and are starting to die … I really don't know what to do at this point, so could somebody call me back and give me a little bit of direction about this? I know I'm a dumbass."

Combating rural decline with ice cream ->

Apple, squid ink, melon, and scallop - ice cream flavours repping Japan’s small towns.

Returning patrula / fire ->

a short documentary about indigenous fire practices, and how protecting the land can mean more than leaving it alone

Your body’s amazing reaction to water ->

an excerpt from James Nestor’s Deep, on freediving and the ‘master switch of life’


Earthquake prep in Cascadia ->

a long read about indigenous knowledge, the pacific northwest, the cascadia fault

there’s snipers on the roof of the justice precinct today. extra security for the sentencing. that’s not a sight I ever thought my eyes would see and my skin still crawls.

what the internet taught me: learning femininity from trans spaces